Our Services

Fred M Cerretti, CPA PLLC aims at proffering a wide array of tax and accounting services to the individuals as well as the small business owners, in regards to tax and accounting.

Tax Services for Individuals

Be it for business consultations or estate planning services, our proficient experts can offer the top-tier tax and consulting solutions for the individuals.

Tax Services for Small Businesses

Our result-driven business consulting services can assist a budding business in preparing as well as filing the income taxes with the uttermost accuracy.

Accounting Services for Individuals

From wealth management to estate planning and medicare recommendations – our professional guidelines can help you achieve a huge success.

Accounting Services for Small Business

Be it for a customized financial reporting, payroll services or budget analyzing, we are second to none, in regards to business consulting services.

Avail Our Tailored Tax Accounting Services

As a reliable professional advisor, we can assist you in dealing with the different strategic tax aspects of your business.

Here at Fred M Cerretti, CPA PLLC, we emphasize on providing the customized tax and accounting services, that can assist both individuals and the budding business hubs in terms of planning and preparing income tax, registering tax filing process, tax returning, auditing, bookkeeping, accounting, and the likes.

Allow us to assist you in preparing and saving on taxes, building wealth, optimizing business results, and making informed decisions on fininacial issues, including, rental real estate, social security, retirement planning, investing for college, medicare options, estate planning, etc.