About us

Welcome to FMC – a reliable single-owner tax and accounting firm based in the USA. If you are a budding small business owner looking for a one-on-one long-term business rapport, investing on our online tax services in USA can be of a great help.

About Us

You may find legions of accounting or tax planning software and information online, but the truth is that none of these can surpass the expertise and integrity of FMC’s professional tax services in USA. Our customized tax accounting services will best suit your business needs.

About Owner & Firm

Established and run by Fred M Cerretti, FMC has become an eminent tax and accounting firm in the USA today. By virtue of his extensive business knowledge, Mr. Cerretti has always succeeded to satiate his clients’ needs with the premium tax services in USA.

Complex tax problems need to be handled with professional care. Steer clear of all your doubts with our reliable tax consultation services.

Backed with the years-long expertise and by tapping into the ever-evolving IRS tax laws, we at FMC aim at providing a range of proactive and responsive consulting services for the individuals as well as the small business owners, in regards to tax and finance.

With the aid of our diligent and highly proficient tax preparers, you can help your business house prepare the income taxes with utmost accuracy.